Lawn Care

Lawn Care Tips for Far North Queensland by Mark’s Mow.

Except for in high altitude areas, warm season grasses are suitable for year round growth in North Queensland. The brands that grow best in our climate can by purchased from Harden Park Lawns.

But below we have some basic tips we can all do to help our lawns out.

Fertilise your lawn once during the month of September or October.

Mow your lawn often enough to not have to catch the grass clippings. Clippings are a good source of nutrients for your lawn, especially during the dry months.

Mow at least fortnightly during the wet season and at least monthly during the dry. Of course mowing times may differ on the amount you water during the dry season.

Giving your lawn a good soaking less often is better as it promotes root growth making your lawn more resilient during the dry.

If your lawn has a purple tinge, this could mean it may be low in phosphorus. So select a fertiliser than has a higher phosphorus content.

If your lawn has a yellow tinge, this could mean it is low in nitrogen. So adjust your fertiliser to suit.

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